Vaccine expert Dr. Angelina Farella testifies against covid vax

In a recent Texas senate hearing, vaccine expert Dr. Angelina Farella testified the following:

  • Never before in history have we given vaccines or medication that has not been FDA approved (not to be confused with FDA emergecny authorized) to people that were not studied in the trial.
  • The covid vaccine trials did not include children or those who already had covid.
  • The ACIP (Advisory Committee Immunization Practices) states in their guidelines that recommendations about safety and adverse effects would only come out after authorization. (In other words, we would only find out the dangers after rolling it out to the population.)
  • Children have a 99.997% survivability for covid, and do not spread the disease. It is criminal child abuse to give them an experimental vaccine to “protect” them from something they are not in danger of.
  • The covid vaccine trials skipped animal testing, which has never been done before. (They decided to test it on the people instead.)

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